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De Angelis Architecture has over three decades of experience in civic, cultural, educational, commercial, hospitality, religious and residential design. Good design starts by listening to our clients in order to deliver the highest level of service possible.  Our clients are directly involved in the project where the end result is a collaboration of ideas, needs, sustainable design and technology.  De Angelis Architecture is committed to reusing existing structure and or buildings wherever possible, quite often urging clients to reuse rather than tear down, (an oddity in Vancouver). De Angelis is dedicated to integrating the client’s needs and desires as well as building responsibly before the project begins. A great majority of our work is renovation and rehabilitation. When commissioned to work on new projects, the clients program, site and context along with the integration of sustainable design is interwoven into each project. Client’s budgets are first and foremost evaluated and updated during the design process.

Wayne is a steadfast volunteer, having served as the Chair of the Vancouver Heritage Commission, Chair of Vancouver Heritage Interiors Commission, Chair of the AIBC Continuing Education System, founding Chair of Metro Vancouver RAIC Chapter and is the Past President of the RAIC | Architecture Canada and as Director of the CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council).


2010- 2011  Member of the Ontario Association of Architects, MOAA

2004            Member Canada Green Building  Council. MCaGBC

2004            Member  Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, MRAIC

1995            Member  Architectural Institute of British Columbia, Architect AIBC

1991- 96      Member, Ordres des Architectes du Quebec. MOAQ

1981- 87      Member Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario., MAATO

1981- 87      Member & Writer Construction Specifications Canada    CSW & RSW


2017             Member BCIT Arch Science PAC

2015-18        Director Canada Green Building Council

2014             President RAIC

2008-2013    Founder & Chair, Metro Vancouver Chapter RAIC

2005-2010    Member Professional Development Board, AIBC

2005-2010    Chair, Continuing Education Committee, AIBC.

2003-2010    Member Continuing Education Committee, AIBC

2003-2008    BCIT Architectural Science Degree Mentor

2002-2006    Member Architects Advisory Committee. AIBC.

1998             AIBC / UBC Student mentor.

1994 -97       Member, Heritage Advisory Committee, City of Vancouver.

1994 -97       Chair, Heritage Interiors  Commission, City of Vancouver.

1994 -98       Chair, Vancouver Design Review Subcommittee Heritage Commission,

1994 -98       Member, Shaughnessy Design Review Panel


2013               Lib Arts Instructor, Perceiving Cities, Italy, BCIT Summer Studies

2006- 2010     Interior Design Instructor, Italy Summer Studies, BCIT Interior Design

2000- 2001     INFO Cast Digital Arts, Richmond, B.C., Design Instructor

1998               BCIT, Interior Design Instructor, School of Construction and Environment

1997-2000      NKH, Japan / BC, Canadian Platform Framing Instructor

1993 - 2002    Royal Oak College, Burnaby B.C., Architecture & Interior Design Instructor

1995- 1997     UBC, School of Architecture, Design Thesis Mentor

1990 – 1991   Vanier College, Montreal Que. Construction Planning Instructor

1987 – 1992   Sessional Studio Instructor & Critic, Carleton University, Ottawa

2007 -2013     Mentor BCIT Arch. Science Degree Program – 3rd & 4th Year. studio

1987-92          Carleton University School of Architecture, 4th year studio.

1987-92          Osaka Institute of Technology, Osaka, Japan. Studio.

Content of Value. Stoo-Deo Gallery, Yaletown, Vancouver, B.C.

Projects, Ichi Nichi Gallery, Osaka, Japan.

De Angelis Revisita La Corpa, Xiphotek Gallery, Toronto Ontario.

A Towering Retreat, Michael Cootes Gallery, Ottawa.

Drawings and sketches, Rome, Italy.

1982- 1987     Degree, Carleton University, Bachelor of Architecture

1977- 1981     Diploma, Fanshawe College, Diploma Architectural Technology

1981               Certificate, Niagara College, Certificate in Construction Law

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2014-National Gallery_of_Canada-Article


He received the President’s Medal from the 2014 President Wayne De Angelis, FRAIC, of Vancouver BC.

During his tenure, Mr. De Angelis oversaw a renewed vision and mission for the RAIC, which focuses on advocacy and socially responsible architecture. In his speech, he described socially responsible architecture as “an approach to design that values justice, equality, participation, sharing, sustainability, and engages social issues.”



2014 IDEX Toronto, "Beyond the State of the Industry", Panelist


Canada Post "Super Box"  Predicament - 2013

OTTAWA Dec. 23, 2013 Canada Post needs to deliver excellent design if it goes ahead with a controversial plan to replace door-to-door service with community mailboxes, says the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).

“Architects and urban designers should be involved in the development and planning of such postal nodes,” says RAIC president-elect Wayne De Angelis.

“They must be considered as part of the urban fabric just as mail slots and post boxes were considered in the planning of our homes,” he says.

Canada Post’s proposal raises many questions. When we are advocating sustainable cities, will people drive to collect their mail?  While we improve accessibility in buildings, how will strollers, wheelchairs and seniors safely reach the clustered boxes in the dark and snow of winter?

“A country such as Japan with unplanned city streets — address numbers are inconsistent and do not follow any specific order — still they deliver mail door-to-door in single-family homes and offices.

“The delivery of mail to homes is not only is an essential service but, it is also about employing individuals.

“In subdivisions I have seen, home owners tend to drive to these boxes instead of walking.”


2014 News Release issued by the Manitoba Government.

Thanks to you, Wayne, for your willingness to participate and for doing such a terrific job!

The feedback from the Premier's office was: "Wow! Great to hear such positive feedback from the national body."

It really meant a lot to them, Wayne, and we all appreciated you making the effort in support of the MAA!!

Barbara Biggar

Biggar Ideas

May 30, 2014 


Award will Recognize Best 
Of Manitoba Architecture, Design

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Manitoba Association of Architects, Premier Greg Selinger announced today that, beginning next year, he will recognize excellence in Manitoba architecture and design with the annual Premier's Award for Design Excellence.  

 "As hundreds of our delegates have experienced first-hand this week as part of our national festival, there is no question that there is a new creative energy in Winnipeg and I thank Premier Selinger for the role he and his government have played in that," said Wayne DeAngelis, president, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.  "Without a doubt, continuing to nurture this design culture while growing the community's appreciation for architecture will only further fan the creative flames and fuel the transformation that is so clearly, once again, at hand, just as it was 100 years ago."




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